Our Services

Chemical Products Distribution

Our Chemical Products distribution has a developed mission, wherein we ensure procurement of chemicals from sources who are approved, prudent and trustworthy. We deal in professional, ethical, competitive and cost-effective manner that are in consistent with our company policies, procedures and business objectives while we promote their products that create added value.

In addition to the stocks we maintain here, we also have well established relationships world wide for prompt and efficient sourcing of products to meet any specific chemical requirements of our customers. Our policy of ensuring excellent quality, stable pricing and prompt shipment is well appreciated by all our customers.

Our well trained and capable technical sales personnel with experience in the field of industrial chemicals can provide you all the latest market and products information.

Our chemical distributions cater to a wide range of industries, some of which are listed below;
  • Food Industry
  • Personal Care ( Cosmetic Industry )
  • Cement Industry
  • Drilling Industry
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Detergent Industry
  • Perfumery Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Water Treatment Industry
  • Rubber Industry
  • Dairy Industry
  • Paint & Coating Industry
  • Salt Industry
  • Paper & Carton Industry
  • Feed Industry
  • Pharma Industry

Agency & Distribution Services

We have developed contact and network of agency & distribution of products that are niche and in demand in the Middle East Our company has dedicated staff who are experts in the products that are being handled by them.

Some of our Agency Agreements are with following ISO 9001:2000 companies

We have capabilities to work on transactions in different sectors mainly industrial, power, logistics, which require leveraging advisory and bringing partners together.

  Sales & Promotional campaigns

  Product Distribution

  Identifying technical partners

  Assistance in expansion projects (deal making, due diligence support)

  Registration coordination in Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SEC etc.