Engineering Products

 Product Description Application Industry
Gate, Globe, Plug Valves, Control Valves,
Regulator Valves, Pressure Relief Valves
Petro Chemical, Process Industry,
Water Pipe lines
 Pipe Fittings
Flanges, Elbows, Bends, Couplings, Reducers,
Flanges etc as per API standards
Same as above
 Fin Tubes
Longitudinal, Spiral Wound in C.S, S.S,
Aluminium, Copper, Brass
Petro Chemical, Process Industry (Heat Exchangers),
Radiator Industry, Air Conditioners etc
 Chlorine Cylinders
Chlorine Tonners with ASTM, BS standards Chlor Alkali industry, HCL, Ferric Chloride,
Allay Industry etc
 Grinding Balls
Chrome (High Chrome & Low Chrome),
High Alumina Balls
Cement, Paint Industry for Ball Mills
 Ceramic Balls
High Alumina Ceramic Balls & Steatite Balls,
Zirconium Balls
Paint Industry in Ball Mills, Attritors, Cement
Industry for light grinding
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Seamless,
Petro Chemical, Chemical, Process industry,
Water pipes, Heat Exchangers etc
 Heat Exchanger
Copper Tubes, Brass Air Condition
Tubes, Cupro Nickel Tubes, SS Tubes,
CS Tubes
Industries, Radiators manufacturing, Heat
Exchangers, Decorative Items
 Paint Equipments
Putty Machine, Attritors, Bead Mills, Sigma
Kneador, Mixers
Paint Industry, Ink Industry, Coats industry
 Ductile Iron Fittings
Manwhole, Pipes & Pipe Fittings used in
Sewage Water Pipe Line
Water Pipe Lines & Sewage Treament Industry
HV & LV transformers Petrochemical industry, Process Industry,
Paint Industry etc
Basket Centrifuge of various sizes Bulk Drug Industry
Fluidised Bed Dryers, Continous Dryers Based Process Industry, Bulk Drug Industry,
Paint Industry etc
1. Centrifugal
2. Rotary, Gear Pumps
3. Positive Displacement
4. Vacuum Pumps
5. Viking Pumps/Spares
Chemical Industry, Petrochemical Industry,
Oil Iindustry
 Vacumm Pumps
Single stage, Double stage Chemical industry, Petrochemical Industry,
Process Industry
 Link Chains
Stainless Steel, C.S, M.S etc Mechanical Industry, Chemical Industry,
Anodising Industry etc
Nut Bolts, Studds, Screw, Stainless Steel,
C.S, M.S etc
Mechanical Industry, Chemical Industry,
Process Industry
 Irrigation Equipments
Sprinklers etc Irrigation
Temperature Indicators, Oxygen Indicator,
GLC Meter, Co2 measurement, Radar Type
Level Indicators, Magnetic Flow Meters,
Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters,
Level Transmitters etc
Process industry, Petrochemical
Industry etc
 Process Equipments
Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube, Plate),
Pressure Vessels, Columns, Evaporators,
SS Expansion Joints etc
Petrochemicals & Oil / Gas Sectors
Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Towers,
RO Plant, DM Plant etc
Petrochemicals, Chemicals &
Oil / Gas Sectors
Exhaust Blowers, Root Blowers,
Centrifugal Blowers
Ferro Alloy Industry, Chemical
 Alumina Balls
Alumina Balls (Desicants) 5mm, 8mm,
10 mm etc
Air Filter, Nitrogen Plant, Paint Industry,
Pipe Coating
 Bag Filters with
 SS 316L Cages
Nylon, PP Bag Filters with SS Cage,
Cement Industry, Chemical Industry
 Dosing Pumps
ASIA LMI Dosing Pumps, Metering Pumps Water Treatment Plant
 RO Plant Spares
Multi Port Valves, Ph Indicator, Conductivity
Meter, Dosing Pumps, Diaphragm Valves,
Code Line Pressure Tubes, RO Membranes
Water Treatment Plant
 RO Plants / Softeners
Skid Mounted RO & Softeners Water Treatment
 Laboratory Equipments
 & Chemicals
All types of Lab Equipments & Chemicals Cement Industry, Pharma Industry,
Chemical Industry etc
 Monel / Inconel / Hast
 Alloy Pipes & Fittings
All types of Exotic Material Pipes, Fittings,
Flanges as per ASTM standard
Chlor Alkali Plants, Corrosive Units,
Sulphuric Acid Plants, HCL Plants
 Teflon Lined Pipes
 & Fittings
Teflon Lined with Pipes, Spool Pieces,
Valves, Fittings etc up to 12mm thk
Sulphuric Acid Plants, HCL Plants,
Chlor Alkali Plants
2HP to 100 HP Motors Horizontal Foot
Mounted Make Siemens / Bharat Bijlee /
ABB / CGL / Baldo etc
Chemical Plant, Cement Plant etc
 Conveyor Belts (Chevron /  Rubber etc) Food grade
Cheron / Rubber / Nylon Belts for Conveying
Powder Chemicals / Food items etc of
various profiles & sizes
Pharmaceutical Industry, Cement Industry,
Chemical Industry
 Teflon Sheets / Rubber
 Sheets / Rods /
 PVC Sheets
Teflon Sheets / Teflon Rods, Rubber
Sheets / PVC Sheets for corrosive &
hazardous condition
Chemical Industry, Chlor Alkaly Industry
 Flat Products like
 Sheets, Coils etc
SS / CS / Al Aheets & Coils of various
thk & widths
Used in Engineering Industry, Process
Equipments Manufacturing Companies
 Power Cables /
 Instrument Cables
Power Cables & Instruments Cables of
various specifications
Chemicals Industry, Cement, Pharma,
Projects etc